Journaling for Centering

Wednesday, January 12, 2022



Did you know maintaining a journaling practice can help relieve stress, process life
events, lead to increased self-awareness? It is also a great way to record your
struggles, successes, ideas, personal growth, memorable experiences and more. In
this 90 min workshop, author and avid journal Adrienne S. Wallner will guide
participants through the practice of journaling. She will share from her 15+ years of
journaling experience and impart tools, tricks, prompts, and more. Adrienne will lead
you through journaling exercises, share examples, and give you the tools and
confidence to make journaling a part of your life. No previous journaling or writing
experience required. Class will be a safe space in which to be creative within your
journal and will not require any sharing of what you write. Participants will leave with a
stack of resources and prompts to use at home. Start the new year off with a new
healthy habit and center yourself through journaling!


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