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Classes + Workshops

At Unwind we offer classes and workshops taught by experienced professionals and experts in their fields. Check this space often for new and upcoming offerings!

(If you'd like to host your next class, workshop or event at Unwind, please contact us)

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The True HeArt of Meditation

"There is a place between voice and presence
where information flows.
In disciplined silence it opens...."

Finding Stillness Within
Meditation is the mindful awareness of stillness. Achieved through quieting the mind, the Soul source within each of us is revealed during these disciplined silent moments. For centuries, Hindu Yogis and Tibetan and Japanese Buddhists, devoted their lives to finding happiness and health through the yoga of meditation. With commitment and practice, we can all discover that same sense of deep peace…when our vital, creative energy becomes a source of wisdom. We begin to feel the oneness of Nature in a personal way. Becoming mindful, moment to moment, as we choose each step, we learn a path towards true happiness. Lia introduces you to meditation practice with a focus on how the breath, mantra, and quiet posture of the body, all work together to create stillness of the mind. Her approach to meditation has been formed over 40 years of devout Buddhist practice. She understands that meditation has to work for those of us living busy lives. Even Zen walking (kinhin) is practiced in a way that can become part of a daily meditation. Finding Stillness is not an elusive prospect. It requires only determination to practice and an open Heart. With the foundational tools of this HeArt Centered practice, you become your own guide to knowing peace of mind, giving Life an opportunity to respond with harmony and balance…and unlimited potential for joy becomes a choice, not a wish. 

Available on Fridays 

Individual Private Sessions $30 

90 minute session

Couples Welcome. 

Alexander Technique Workshop

Improve Your Balance and Posture,

 Lower Stress  &  Prevent Injury 

The Alexander Technique is a 100-year-old method for helping you learn how to use your body more properly. You receive gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction to help you prevent movement patterns that wear you down by the end of the day or cause pain. There are no exercises, machines or special clothing. Instead, you apply the principles to your normal activities. Through the technique, you can learn how to reduce habits of excess tension as you gain a renewed feeling of ease and lightness to improve the way you look and feel every day of your life.

Together we will look at how you think and move in your daily life. In this two hour, one day workshop you will learn the basics of the Alexander Technique and begin the journey to developing healthier movement patterns, relieving pain and improving balance, posture and overall energy. 

Led by Joni Clare Derdzinski 

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher


Dates Offered 

Saturday, October 21 from 11 - 1

$60.00 per person

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Sun & Sauna

A Celebration of each 
Solstice and Equinox

Breia, of the YogaShop, will be leading us through 108 Sun Salutations in celebration of the Summer Solstice followed by a community Sauna Session where we'll move through the Thermic Cycle of Hot - Cold - Rest - Repeat.

108 Sun Salutations is a moving meditation connecting the body, mind and universe. The number 108 is important in many different cultures and traditions. ~Hindu tradition associates the number 108 with the number of Shiva's attendants  ~India has 108 sacred sites across the country ~The High Temple of Lamanai in Mayan culture was erected 108 feet tall ~Buddhist temples are often built with 108 steps representing the 108 steps to enlightenment ~Some forms of Tai Chi have 108 movements ~The diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth ~The average distance of the Sun and Moon to Earth is 108 times their particular diameters ~In astrology, there are 12 constellations and 9 planets (12X9=108) ~There are 54 letters in Sanskrit each having a masculine and feminine form (54X2=108) ~There are 108 petals in a natural rose

Thursday, December 21

4:30pm - 7:30pm


Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner 2-Day Course

Become a CERTIFIED Vibrational Sound Practitioner through the Audrey Van Wey Academy of Psychic Development and Energy Medicine!

“Vibration is the medicine of the future.” -- Edgar Cayce said this in the 1940’s. That was 80 years ago. Well, the future is now!

This is not just a certificate course. This face-to-face, 2-day course that includes everything you need to actually become Certified in this modality! No prerequisites required except for a desire to learn.

Gives you and your business the boost it may need! Allows you to help more clients with their healing!

Not in business yet? No problem! Use this with yourself, your family, your friends, and even your pets!

Join Audrey in a discussion about:

*Sound Healing versus Vibrational Sound Healing
*The contraindications—when - and who - NOT to use it with!
*Energy, Hertz frequency, and Sound
*Physical body anatomy
*Subtle body anatomy
*How vibration/hertz frequency influences both the physical and subtle bodies right down to the physical cellular level for complete understanding of how this works
*Brainwaves and which one the client should be in for optimum healing
*The musical scale and the chakras
*The instruments and how to play them the proper way to be the most effective
*How to break up heavy energy and replace it with positive loving healing energy
*The effects of intent and intuition
*Preparing yourself – getting rid of YOUR blocks to helping others heal
*Preparing your healing space
*Using instruments 1:1 with clients, both on the body and in the energy field, with a step by step "how to" role play.
*How to do a Sound Bath
*How to care for your instruments
*Answering questions about starting a business or adding this to your current business
*And so much more!

You will also have access to a private online peer support group, networking with other certified practitioners with whom you can ask questions and advice.


October 14 and 15

9am to 5pm both days

$350.00 with a $150.00 deposit


Sound Bath

Come relax and unwind with the healing vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, drums and chimes.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. As such, everything has a natural frequency vibration. Energy, light, atoms, molecules, and even our planet are vibrating at specific frequencies and thus producing “sound”. This includes every living cell in our bodies as well as the energy centers known as Chakras. Just like a musical instrument that emits sound, our chakras and our cells can either be in tune or out of tune.


Every cell and chakra center is naturally tuned to maintain well being and health. But physical, mental and environmental factors can interfere and cause these vibrations to go out of tune and into a state of imbalance. Crystal Singing Bowls are tuned to the body’s Chakra centers so, much like a tuning fork causes resonance to adjacent objects, when played, they help tune chakra centers to resonate in their proper, natural state. In doing so, they allow for the free flow of energy throughout the body, mind and spirit.

Thursdays and Saturdays 


Sound + Sauna

Make it an evening and double down on the relaxing and rejuvenating effects by enjoying a sauna after the sound bath.

Saturday Evenings


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