Integrative Health Coaching

I'm here to serve as a mentor, to inspire, to guide and motivate my clients to cultivate positive health choices.
I support my clients achieve their goals, as varied as they may be, through uniquely customized dietary and lifestyle modifications.


Maybe you've heard the phrase "one man's medicine is another man's poison". This is the concept of Bio-individuality.  No one diet, exercise routine, or spiritual practice works for everyone.  I'll help you explore different foods and wellness routines to find out which uniquely suits you best.

Primary Foods

You can be eating all the "right" things, but if you hate your job, are unfulfilled in your relationships, lack daily exercise or other self-care routines then your life is malnourished.  Health and wellness is about more than just the foods you eat and I'll support you through these changes.

Crowding Out

It sucks to feel like you have to give something up.  I don't want you to feel like I'm taking anything away from you or depriving you of it.  My approach is to focus on adding more of the good things into your diet and lifestyle so that without much effort you will gradually crowd-out the not-so-good things.

90% Good

There is way too much pressure to give 110% all the time.  There is balance in embracing the good and the bad.  Take care of yourself, eat nutritious foods, workout, be good 90% of the time and let loose, eat that brownie, drink that wine, binge on that Netflix series, be bad for the other 10%.  Life is supposed to be fun, so let go of all those strict rules we enforce on ourselves.

Eat Real Food

Eat more whole foods, especially vegetables and leafy greens. Drink more water.  Eat less meat, dairy, sugar, artificial and processed foods.  Less not none.