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Unwind Sauna

Hot - Cold - Rest

Many think of sauna as just a hot room. Let us guide you through the simple practice of hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, repeat. An ancient tradition that is proven to help alleviate modern day stress.

Work, relationships, life in general is busy and often stressful. We all experience some form of anxiety each day. The best way we’ve found to relieve stress is this: the Nordic sauna.

All you need is your swimsuit (yes, we're still in the midwest), sandals, and a towel to sit on in the sauna.


In line with the Finnish tradition, you will share the sauna with other people. Enjoy high quality sauna in community. Relax, unwind, connect - together.  $50


Enjoy a sauna session with just your friends and family - or by yourself.  $75

Enjoy More Sauna

Sauna Packages available​


How to Sauna




5-20 Minutes

Experience different temperatures on different benches

Add water to the rocks (Kivia) to create steam (Loyly - the Spirit of the Sauna)




Bucket Shower

Cold Plunge


Icy Washcloth

Watering Can

Bucket Pour

Roll in the Snow



Relax + Rehydrate

5-10 Minutes

Enjoy time next to the fire or swinging between the trees

Drink plenty of water

Repeat the Hot - Cold - Rest


Cold Plunge

Get your daily dose of Cold!

The Cold Plunge is available daily for a drop in rate of $5. Monthly memberships are $50.

  • soothes + relaxes tired muscles

  • dilates blood vessels

    • keeps arteries soft, supple + compliant​

  • improves circulation

  • increased blood flow drives oxygen deeper into muscles and joint tissues

    • shortens healing time from injury or athletic performance​

  • lowers blood pressure

  • more restful sleep

  • increases resistance to illness

  • maintains clear + healthy skin

  • removes toxins +impurities

  • relieves chronic pain

Sauna Benefits


Cold Plunge Benefits

  • rush of "happy hormones'

  • endorphins - body's natural painkillers​

  • serotonin - mood balance

  • dopamine - brain's reward center, regulates movement + emotional response

  • oxytocin - known as the "love hormone"

  • improves immunity

  • used to treat rheumatism + arthritis

  • improves respiration in people with asthma

  • blood circulation enhanced

  • reduces inflammation

Rest Benefits

  • getting outside, deep breathing, sitting by the fire + swinging on the swings creates a peaceful experience

  • the parasympathetic system is able to rest, digest + repair cells

  • rehydrate with plenty of water

  • allows heart rate to return to normal before repeating the Thermic Cycle

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