Spa Treatments

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SPA "Sanitas Per Aquas" Healing through Water


Scrubs are a phenominal way to brighten your skin, increase circulation, and improve your mood!

Salt adds essential trace minerals to the body.

Sugar provides a more gentle scrub.

Coffee is stimulating and smells amazing!


A full body wrap or a smaller compress can add nutrients to the body or can help detoxify your system.

Algae is nature's superfood. It contains all of the elements and our bodies are able to absorb what they need.

Clay is a powerful detoxifier and can help significantly reduce swelling and fluid retention.


Contrasting foot baths are a fabulous way to increase circulation and deeply relax the body. This treatment is a great introduction to spa therapies as you can be fully clothed.  Fantastic when combined with Reflexology! 

Scrubs and Wraps require easy access to a bathtub or shower to rinse off.